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 Agate 14 mm Gemstone  Bracelets with brass Abundance Talisman 

 Agate is one of the best crystals for emotional healing thanks to its balanced and subtle energy field. Just holding it will likely produce relief from anxiety.

The most important property of  Agate is its ability to induce joy. It has been called the Happiness Stone because of its uplifting energy.

When one is conflicted about their soul’s true purpose, this crystal can bring clarity. It touches the divine realms to provide the answers you seek.

Agate has long been associated with those who focus their energy on spiritual concerns. On many occasions individuals have seen the image of religious icons such as the Virgin Mary within the color patterns of the crystal.

When used often, the stone enhances one’s ability to understand their place in the universe. It can reveal a calling that one should pursue.

This agate harmonizes with the flow of universal energy throughout the entire body. It radiates happiness and joy to each chakra from its source at the top of the body.

 Agate is a good crystal for opening chakras that have become blocked. Restoring the flow of energy throughout the body can help to restore emotional and physical health.

Chakra ~ Heart


* All bracelets are are made to fit a standard sized wrist, and are designed to fit loosely for stacking. Please make note if you would like a size adjustment.

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