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STARSEED III ANDARA Gold Vermeil Wire Wrapped Reiki Charged Pendant

STARSEED III ANDARA Gold Vermeil Wire Wrapped Reiki Charged Pendant

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The Andara glass is the transmutative light that has been offered to this world of form by the cosmic deliverance of the Star Mothers and the Universal One Light of Creation.

The Andara holds the omnipresence of eternal light. It can house the frequency of the stars, the galactic, cosmic, and angelic realms inwoven within one crystalline structure. Each and every Andara holds a signature vibratory frequency that aligns with the genetic, ancestral and comic embodiment of its bestower.

To adorn an andara is to house its frequency within you cellular structure and dna. It is the Light of the One that has been delivered here for beings to remember their multidimensional selves within the cosmos.

The Andara is a crystalline glass structure that is not of this world and should not try to be put into explanation for the explanations do not hold value, context or accuracy to the sacredness that they hold.

As you are matched with your Andara it is for you to begin to attune your frequency to its realm of cosmic light. The andaras hold the frequency of the other worlds and are the conduits that will allow for the transference of wellness, vitality, and life force to be fluid within the human form and the auric field of the bestower.

When one chooses to program the Andara with the incantation of desired will and light there can be no other way than to allow the plea to be heard and realized by the cosmic order of All That Is.

You see the Andara is the gatekeeper that will allow its bestower to astral travel and bring through this world of form the miracles of the causal plane with instantaneous manifestation.

The pitch of frequency that they hold is so elevated it can only truly resonate within the eleventh dimension and higher. It is the Miracle that these divine prisms have met the calling of the seekers to allow them to be found by the few who can truly attune and wield their magic within this world of form.

Allow these sacred prisms of light to ring true to your signature unfiltered harmonic and allow their codes of light to be anchored here with this world of form. ~ The Galactic Light Collective

Includes 20 inch Gold Vermeil Chain

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